System change related to Organization information display

Dec 05, 2019


Dear Valued Members,

Over the past ten years, thanks to your always co-operation and support, our membership organization has grown up rapidly and we have received a huge amount of data in our system.

This month – December, a large number of members around the world are taking advantage of the 10th Anniversary special campaigns, which results in a sharp increase in the number of access to our member page (Back Office).

This situation has started to put a heavy load on our server, and may affect the browsing speed of Back Office.

Therefore, in order to reduce the load, increase the processing speed, and allow members to have better experience when using the Back Office, we have optimized some functions of Back Office and make some changes as follows:

* Target function: in Back Office page
・ Text maps
・ Illustration maps
・ Analysis
* Changes: Members can search Organization information within one year.

Thank you so much for your kind understanding and support!

Thanks & Best Regards