Improvement on Back Office Connection Speed

Dec 24, 2019


Dear Valued Members,

Thank you for your continued support of Thanks AI products and your cooperation in promoting Thanks AI activities.

As we announced the other day, currently, members around the world are taking advantage of the December campaign, and there have been days we have over 900 new registrations, not to mention repeat and additional purchases.

As a result, access to Back office has increased sharply and the speed to display screen become slow down. We apologize again for such inconvenience.

In order for all members to use the website a little more comfortably, we have decided to optimize the system to improve speed by taking the following measure.

Content to improve connection speed

Implementation time: December 24, 2019 at 9:30 JST

<At present> Immediately after new registration, Binary map is updated in real time.

<After change> After new registration, Binary map is updated in a 5-minute cycle.

* In the past, real-time organization construction was performed at the same time as registration. However, after this system change, registration processing in the system and organization construction processing are separated so that registration can be done smoothly.

* Reflection on the map does not always take 5 minutes, but it takes up to 5 minutes because the organization is built once every 5 minutes.

* In case of online registration, new members can be registered after they are reflected in the Binary map.

* For system maintenance twice a day, a maintenance time of 30 minutes is required.

* If it takes too long, there may be a problem with the connection, such as Wi-Fi or processing capacity of PC or smartphone.

Thank you for your kind understanding and support!

Thanks and Best Regards,