2020 Global Campaigns

Mar 02, 2020


Dear our valued Members,

2019 is an amazing year for Thanks AI and all its valued Members, especially December which is the most flourishing month ever in every sense.

In this year 2020, to continue our mission to bring wealth and prosperity as well as health and beauty to our Members, we are planning to globally launch 3 big campaigns other than Start-up campaign, namely:

Attack Chance campaign (April, August and December)
Members will be given a chance to increase commission even with the same sales volume, which is quite unique and offered only these special months!

“Buy 3 get 1” campaign (June and October)
This is a great opportunity to get more of our highly renowned products for the same price.
If you love our products, this is THE campaign you cannot possibly miss!!

Incentive Campaign for Global Convention 2021 (November and December).
We would like to show our deepest gratitude to those who are making huge contributions to Thanks AI activities by inviting you to come to Japan and join the greatest event of the year 2021!!

And possibly there will be more surprises!
Please stay tuned for the announcement on the detail of each campaign.
Let’s do our utmost! Together we can gain more extraordinary achievements.

Thanks & Best Regards