Regarding Payoneer accounts

Jun 29, 2020


Dear valued members,

We are making this announcement to inform you about Payoneer cards which some of our members are using as a method of commission payment.
If you are using Payoneer cards, you may have already heard about Payoneer debit card accounts being temporarily frozen by relevant authorities.
We would like to explain the situation surrounding this matter briefly, but first of all, we would like all our members to rest assured that Thanks AI will compensate for all the commission we transferred to our members’ Payoneer accounts on the 25th of this month if, in unlikely outcomes, it becomes unrecoverable.

Before proceeding to explain further, please accept our sincerest apologies and regrets over any inconveniences and anxieties this may cause to our valued members.

Payoneer accounts are now temporarily frozen not because Payoneer itself is in any trouble, but because Payoneer has been issuing debit cards using Wirecard Card Solutions Limited, which is related to Wirecard AG. Wirecard AG is now under investigation and, in the meanwhile, in order to protect end users’ assets, Payoneer accounts, as with many other accounts, are frozen by authorities as a safeguard against any misdoing.

We believe things will get normal shortly, but still we will try our best to proactively solve any problems our members are encountering because of this incident.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for all of your kind understanding and continued support.

Sincerely yours,