Thanks AI app update for Android version

Jul 15, 2020


Dear Valued Customers,

Please be informed that an updated Android version of Thanks AI in Appstore is now available for download.

In order to ensure the availability of our materials and documents for members, some functional improvement was made.

In the new version, you now will see the bellow pop up question when opening Commission Graph, Daily Bonus, Illustration Binary Map, or News in the app menu.

“Do you want to allow Thanks AI to access to the photos, media, and files on your device? Not allow – Allow”

① “Allow” → can download documents
The downloaded document is saved in the file/download manager.

② “Do not allow” → cannot download documents

Even if you accidentally select (2), once you exit the application, the question will pop up again, so please select (1).

We are trying every day to advance our service and it is your continued support that will always be our major motivation.

Thank you & Best regards,
NFR Customer Servce.