The special campaign “ Buy 3 get 1” is underway

Oct 19, 2020



We are delighted to witness a profound responsiveness of NFR community to our global campaign, the “3 Box + 1 Box Present Campaign” since its commencement.

For those who have not placed order this month, please be mindful that it is only about two weeks left before the campaign is over, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy this great deal.

◆< Campaign Content>◆

★ Campaign period: October 1st~October 31st, 2020

★ Target: All members (initial and repeat purchase)

★ Conditions: Within the campaign period, members purchasing products equivalent to 36,000 PV or more will receive as present 1 box of present (equivalent to 12,000 PV).


In case of 3M6M12M orders, only one or two products which are included in this month’s commission calculation will be counted as campaign target.


6M×1 12,000 PV is calculated as this month’s purchase

6M×2 24,000 PV is calculated as this month’s purchase


Please note that buying only 3M6M12M does not meet the campaign condition.  If you are in any doubt, we would like our members to check “order history” to see if the campaign present is inserted


  • The quantity of “Buy 3 Get 1” campaign present is limited at 1 box (12,000PV equivalent).
  • Campaign present can be of your free choice. (please select present before starting making order which are eligible for campaign).
  • Those who choose automatic present will receive 1 box of Perfect Mineral AI Powder- A blessing for the body from nature which is a new mineral powder produced by blending acerola, citric acid, and vitamins.
  • For how to change present, please refer to or Back Office’s Download.
  • Please note that present change after shipping can not be accepted.