The 5th presidential webinar is on the air.

Oct 23, 2020


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The fifth webinar this time will feature Fulvic acid which is a “source” that nurtures all kinds of life, from microorganisms to large animals.

So why such beneficial acid stayed undiscovered? Why it is known as a miracle substance?

Let’s find out by listening to Mr. Fujiwara speech about the surprising relationship between minerals and “fulvic acid.”

━━━━━━━━◆<Outline of President Webinar>◆━━━━━━━━

★The 5th theme: Chance encounter with hidden super ingredient “Fulvic acid”

★Lecturer: Mr. Makoto Fujiwara, President and CEO of Thanks AI Co., Ltd.

★Release time: 13:00 Japan time on October 23rd, 2020.

★Delivery destination: Please visit Thanks AI’s official YouTube channel here for the  president’ s webinar.

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