Notice regarding merger of Health Management and Biomatec Japan

Nov 13, 2020



We are pleased to announce that Health Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Health Management) and Biomatec Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Biomatec Japan) will be merged on November 13th, 2020.

Both are group companies of THANKS AI GLOBAL PTE., LTD. (hereinafter Thanks AI). Health Management is engaged in OEM and wholesale distribution business of supplement and cosmetics while Biomatec Japan is engaged in manufacturing raw material of proteoglycan and undenatured type II collagen.

In the future, the Kushiro factory where Biomatec Japan is located will become the Kushiro branch of Health Management and Mr. Kudo, now president of Biomatec Japan, will continue to be involved in research and manufacturing as the director of the branch.

The reason for the merger is that Biomatec Japan succeeded in culturing Proteoglycan from salmon cells for the first time in the world in March 2020, and finished application for a patent. In the future, we would like to proceed with further research for culturing technology improvement, mass production, and preparing for the construction of the culturing factory.

However, it is difficult for profits of Thanks AI to cover the research and factory construction costs without sacrificing product quality and lowering commission payout rate offered to members. Therefore, in order to maintain the high product quantity and commission payout rate, it leaves us no choice but to actively sell materials manufactured by Biomatec Japan that can be used by other companies as general raw materials even though it is out of the standard for Thanks AI products.

If we do so, however, other companies’ products using the raw materials of Biomatec Japan might be confused with Thanks AI’s products due to the circulation of raw materials, and there is a concern that this will also cause inconvenience to members.

Therefore, after the merger of Biomatec Japan and Health Management- both are group companies of Thanks AI, the raw materials used in Thanks AI products will be under the names “Proteoglycan made by Biomatec Japan” ” (purity 90%) and “Type II Collagen made by Biomatec Japan” ” (purity 75%) under the name “Biomatec Japan” and will become Thanksai’s exclusive materials. Other raw materials are named “Natural Proteoglycan made by Health Management”” (purity 20%) and “Active Collagen made by Health Management” (purity 25%), and we plan to sell the raw materials produced in a simpler process with common purity.

This merger is to prepare for a declining salmon yields – which are expected to drop rapidly in the future, while stabilizing production of higher quality proteoglycans and undenatured type II collagen at a lower cost. We are sincerely grateful for Mr. Kudo, president of Biomatec Japan. Thanks to his approval for this merger which is aimed to contribute to society by providing our product globally, we have been able to consolidate Thanks AI’s network.

To that end, all Thanks AI’s staff will do our best toward mass production of cultured materials, and we appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all the members.

Makoto Fujiwara, CEO of THANKS AI GLOBAL PTE., LTD.