Mineral AI comes to light in November presidential webinar

Nov 27, 2020



You might notice that Mineral AI-Thanks AI’s major products has 3 different types: liquid, tablet, and powder. If you do, have you ever wondered what is the difference between these three?

In the 6th webinar this time, our president, Mr. Fujiwara will give elaborate speech on each type in 3 separate videos. Hence, you can take your time to watch all of them one by one, or just easily elicit the information of only your favorite product.

◆<Outline of President Webinar>◆

★The 6th theme: Introduction of mineral products (” liquid type “,” tablet type “,” powder type”)

★Lecturer: Mr. Makoto Fujiwara, President and CEO of Thanks AI Co., Ltd.

★Release date: November 27th, 2020.

★Delivery destination: Please visit Thanks AI’s official YouTube channel here for the  president’ s webinar.

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Prefect Mineral Ai

Hybrid Mineral AI

Perfect Mineral AI Powder

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