Buy 3 get 1 campaign to be reinstated in June

Jun 01, 2021

Dear valued members,

Are you excited about the reinstatement of our Buy 3 get 1 campaign this month?

Notwithstanding the unchanged condition of the campaign, please allow us to reintroduce the details below.

◆< Campaign Content>◆
★Campaign period: June 1st~June 30th, 2021
★Target: All members (initial and repeat purchase)
★Conditions: Within the campaign period, members purchasing products equivalent to 36,000 PV or more will receive 1 box of present (equivalent to 12,000 PV).

In case of 3M6M12M orders, only one or two products which are included in this month’s commission calculation will be counted as campaign target.
6M×1 12,000 PV is calculated as this month’s purchase.
6M×2 24,000 PV is calculated as this month’s purchase.


• The quantity of “Buy 3 Get 1” campaign present is limited at 1 box (12,000PV equivalent).

• Campaign present can be of your free choice. Please select present before making orders which are eligible for campaign!

• For how to change present, please refer to or Back Office’s Download.

• In order to receive the present, member should place at least 1 order during the campaign period so that the system can insert and ship out the present.

Thank you & Best Regards,
NFR Customer Service