What are the benefits of proteoglycan for the skin?

Oct 14, 2021



Proteoglycans are a type of glycoproteins (a protein linked to a whole or a single glucide) that are naturally found in the skin since they are part of its structure.
Proteoglycans are necessary for a correct structural and functional development of the skin and Proteoglycans are also able to absorb even a larger amount of water in the skin and retain it than hyaluronic acid, thus providing great hydration.

What are the benefits of proteoglycan for the skin?
1. Proteoglycans improve and support the skin firmness.
2. Proteoglycans provide hydration to the skin.
3. They improve skin healing and are able to repair it.
4. They have anti-wrinkle properties.

PROFIL contains a rich blend of high-purity Proteoglycan extracted using alkaline extraction technology which is patented in many countries around the world. PROFIL is the hot-selling product of Thanks AI, which uses natural proteoglycan extracted from Hokkaido’s natural salmon nasal cartilage as the main ingredient. It helps to fully restore skin elasticity, making your skin elastic and moisturized.

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