Notice of bonus rate change

Apr 01, 2022


To all NFR (individual imports) members.

Thank you for using Thanks AI products and please accept our deepest gratitude for your great contributions to Thanks AI activities.

Since the Covid-19 began to spread, EMS, which had been used for NFR shipments until then, had experienced many cases of huge delays and even failed deliveries in some countries.
Therefore, we are now using FedEx or DHL for almost all NFR shipments.

After changing from EMS to FedEx or DHL, however, the shipping costs will be 1.8 times higher on average, but the difference in the shipping costs has continued to be borne by the company so that it should not be borne by our members.

In addition, recently the exchange rate has fluctuated very sharply, and in the case of NFR, the purchase is settled in Japanese Yen, but the bonus is paid in US dollars, so not only the shipping costs but also the exchange rate is becoming a huge burden for the company and the company is shouldering more and more extra costs, which makes it rather difficult to continue as it is without making any changes.

Therefore, we will change the current bonus rate (JPY-USD) from 0.009 to 0.008 from the commission which is to be paid around the 25th of April.

In the future, we plan to create a new system that can correct the bonus rate for the month while watching the monthly exchange rate.

In addition, we are preparing to revise the NFR guidebook used at the time of registration at the earliest stage.

Regarding the regular shipping fees, if they become more expensive, the burden on new registrations and on the repeat purchasers who purchase every month will increase, so the company will try its best to continue bearing the burden for a while, but if it becomes very difficult to continue to bear these extra costs, we will explore other options such as returning to EMS.

As mentioned above, the company will support everyone while covering extra costs as much as possible, but we would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation for the necessity of this bonus rate change this time.

Thank you & Best regards,
NFR Customer Service

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