Perfect Mineral AI – supplying your body with essential nutrients

Jul 12, 2022


Our body contains a variety of minerals, accounting for 4% of the total body weight.

Although the proportion is small, it occupies an indispensable part. If the body does not get enough minerals, various problems such as weakened immune system, irregular heartbeat, weakness or fatigue may occur.

How to supplement your body with minerals?

The best way is to add it to the daily diet, but urbanites lead busy lives, three important meals are unbalanced, and the minerals obtained from the diet become less and less.

Therefore, we would like to introduce our complex plant-based mineral powder – Perfect Mineral AI – a compound mineral with fulvic acid extracted from plant sediments as the main ingredient, rich in calcium, potassium, sodium and more than 70 kinds of minerals and micronutrients.
As in addition to supplying the body with essential nutrients, they are also effective in expelling harmful minerals.

Just by taking 1 packet per day with water, Perfect Mineral AI will help you enhance the body’s immunity while replenishing daily minerals!!

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