Additional release of Thanks Pay functions

Jul 19, 2022


Dear Valued Members,

Thank you for continuously promoting Thanks AI’s products and supporting our activities.

We are pleased to inform you that everything related to the new payment system – Thanks Pay (except iOS version Thanks AI App) will be released at around 11:00 AM (Japan time) on July 20th, 2022.

There was a slight delay in receiving approval from Apple for Thanks Pay in the Thanks AI application, so the iOS version may take some more time to release.
However, kindly be mindful that our system engineers are working around the clock to ensure the earliest implementation possible.

As soon as we get the approval, we will release the upgraded version of our iOS version app which allows members to read Thanks Pay QR codes.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause and would like to ask for your patience.

Thank you & Best regards,
NFR Customer Service