JPY prices of NFR products in September, 2022

Sep 01, 2022

To all NFR (individual imports) members,

Thank you for continuously promoting Thanks AI’s products and supporting our activities.

Please allow us to post this month’s official NFR prices.
Due to the small fluctuation in the exchange rate over the last month, the NFR prices of September, 2022 will remain the same as those of August and NFR members can purchase the products at the following prices:

Initial purchase price: JPY 27,200 (12,000PV)
Repeat purchase price: JPY 17,000 (12,000PV)
3Mx1 purchase price: JPY 51,000
6Mx1 purchase price: JPY 102,000
12Mx1 purchase price: JPY 204,000

We are working every day to improve our services and your continued support will always be our main driving force.

Thank you & Best regards,
NFR Customer Service