NEW PREMIUM ESSENCE – State of the art funcional ingredients

Sep 14, 2022


NEW PREMIUM ESSENCE is the newest product of Thanks Ai. In order to turn back the clock on skin aging, we specially select state-of-the-art functional ingredients.

1. Rejuvenation with Japanese human dental pulp cell
Dental pulp cells are stem cell extracted from the dental pulp, which is the nerve of the tooth. Dental pulp cells can repair and replace old damaged cells in the body and treat many problems such as damaged skin, aging, melasma, enlarged pores, dryness and roughness.

2. Through energy metabolism, NMN supports youthfulness
NMN is considered a key molecule to increase NAD+ levels in cells. The reduction of NAD + will make the body face many risks of diseases and aging, so it is necessary to supply the active ingredient NMN. NMN metabolizes into NAD + and help the body recover and produce energy.

3. Promote vital beauty with CBD
CBD improves skin, reduces signs of aging because CBD has a large amount of collagen and is considered an antioxidant that helps slow down the aging process, balance fitness and keep skin young and healthy. In addition, it can also promote collagen production and limit water loss in skin.

In addition, there are many other ingredients that we also carefully selected to transform your skin.

We aim to bring you a unique radiant miracle essence specially formulated for anti-aging and beautiful skin. – NEW PREMIUM ESSENCE.