NEW PREMIUM ESSENCE – The most advanced functional ingredients

Nov 16, 2022


Everyone expects to have a healthy and beautiful skin that is younger than their real age and most people will use skin care products as their first choice.

Therefore, Thanks AI has been constantly making progress, researching and developing to create a new flagship product – A.MATERAS NEW PREMIUM ESSENCE!

In order to rewind the timelines of skin age, we carefully select the most advanced functional ingredients.

🔸 Fermented swallow nest extract
Swallow nest includes Sialic Acid and EGF which are indispensable for creating radiant skin.
Sialic Acid connects cells to cells and prevents aging such as pigmentation spots, wrinkles and sagging. It leads Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid to where they are needed and acts as a command post for beautiful skin. When high levels of Sialics Acid are absorbed, the skin becomes more hydrated and radiant.
EGF is known to affect cell proliferation. Unfortunately, EGF secretion decreases and cell regeneration slows as we age. This is one of the causes of aging. EGF supplementation is expected to normalize cellular functions that have declined with aging.

Phytopolyamine is a natural ingredient that contains high levels of polyamines from soybeans with concentrated germination energy.
Polyamines are bioactive substances essential for cell proliferation and are recognized for their anti-aging effects.
In the body, the skin contains a large amount of polyamines, which are thought to protect the skin from stressors such as UV rays and dryness.

In addition, we also specially selected many other ingredients to reverse skin age.

We aim to bring you the best miracle essence to beautify your skin from the basics and back to the way it was – A.MATERAS NEW PREMIUM ESSENCE.