PROFIL – Effective product for skin elasticity and anti-aging

Dec 16, 2022


The weather starts to become dry, and the body and skin are prone to dryness and itchiness. In addition to using skin care products, what should we do to solve this problem?
Among many skin care products, there is a star ingredient that is very prominent in skin beautification – Proteoglycan!

Proteoglycan has powerful effects on the human body:
1. Moisturizing effect – the moisturizing effect is 30% higher than that of hyaluronic acid, and it can also promote the production of hyaluronic acid and type 1 collagen, further enhancing the ability of water retention and moisturizing.
2. Anti-inflammation – effectively inhibits inflammation in the body and repairs inflamed areas. You can expect the effect of keeping the skin youthful and beautiful.
3. Anti-aging – activates the cells of human skin cells and helps the metabolism of the skin.

With the exclusive international patented technology -LPT alkali extraction method, proteoglycan with a purity of 90% was successfully extracted from salmon nasal cartilage.
PROFIL is the hot-selling product of Thanks AI, which uses natural proteoglycan extracted from Hokkaido’s natural salmon nasal cartilage as the main ingredient. It helps to restore skin elasticity, making the skin elastic and moisturized.
Taking one sheet of PROFIL a day can reshape your flawless skin!!!