Start-Up Campaign 2023

Jan 04, 2023


Dear Valued Members,

In order to acknowledge the contribution and promote the business of our valued members,
we are pleased to announce the Start-Up Campaign will be continued this year 2023.

CAMPAIGN PERIOD: from January 1st, 2023 to December 31st, 2023

– NFR members who register from January 1st, 2023 to December 31st, 2023 can achieve rank special bonus promotion.
Campaign conditions: for members who register within the CAMPAIGN PERIOD
(January 1st, 2023 – December 31st, 2023)

Those who registered in 2022 are still eligible for Start-Up Campaign 2023 if the above conditions are met.
For example:
Member A (registers on December 15th, 2022) can receive 1.5 times sponsor bonus if he/she recruits member B (registers on January 10th 2023) because the condition for 1.5 times sponsor bonus in the table above is met.

Along with this Start-Up Campaign 2023, the Start-Up Campaign 2022 is still valid. If you register before January 1st, 2023, you can still be eligible for the special bonus.
Conditions: for members who register before January 01st, 2023.

• All rank-related special bonuses can be earned when achieving the required ranks by the deadlines specified in the Campaign due date quick reference chart. Please refer to the below link:
• In case a member fulfills campaign conditions in the registration date or month, he/she can receive campaign bonus during the Campaign Period. If member jumps over the ranks, he/she will receive combined campaign bonuses if meeting all the conditions required for each eligible rank.
• There is a time limit for each campaign incentive achievement condition, so it is important to meet the conditions within such time limit. For example, if a member achieves Silver or higher rank by the deadline, he/she can receive corresponding special bonus. However, if the member does not fulfill the conditions within the prescribed deadline, he/she will not be eligible for any special bonus.
• Start-up campaign bonus is paid together with other types of bonus in the month after the month that campaign bonus accrues.
• Start-up campaign bonus is only achievable for members who get a new rank for the first time. Members getting a rank for the second time onwards (got the rank in the past but lost it and then reach such rank for the second time) are not targets of the start-up campaign.
• Conditions for special pin badge: Members who reach the total referrals of 6 people or more within Start-up Campaign period can get 01 pin badge as present. Only 01 pin badge can be awarded to each member fulfilling the prescribed conditions, no matter how many people he/she introduces (even 12 people, 18 people, etc.).
• If there is a violation of laws and membership regulations, bonuses will not be awarded even if the conditions are met. In addition, if an illegal situation is found after special bonus has been awarded, it will be deducted from the next time of bonus accruing.

Thank you & Best regards,
NFR Customer Service

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