NEW PREMIUM ESSENCE – The world’s first unique manufacturing method

Jan 16, 2023


To make your skin younger and more radiant than ever, Thanks AI is proud to present you with an amazing product – A.MATERAS NEW PREMIUM ESSENCE.

A.MATERAS NEW PREMIUM ESSENCE is manufactured with the world first special manufacturing method that helps preserve the freshness of substances and reverse the skin age.

NMN is one of the most advanced functional ingredients of NEW PREMIUM ESSENCE as an active ingredient that can prevent skin aging. However, it is unstable in water, and its rate of degradation will increase if in contact with an aqueous solution.

Therefore, we are using the world’s first special manufacturing method to prevent the deterioration of ingredients and the carefully selected latest functional ingredients always maintain the same freshness as when manufactured:
1 Freeze-drying to protect ingredients from moisture
2 Nitrogen air replacement to protect ingredients from oxygen
3 Airless pump container to keep fresh after starting use

We aim to bring you the best essence that stays fresh all the time to make your skin look as youthful and radiant as before !!! – A.MATERAS NEW PREMIUM ESSENCE