PROFIL – The secret to youthful skin and flexible body

Apr 17, 2023


We are all born with baby smooth skin — meaning its texture is soft to the touch and visibly even — but maintaining it can be a challenge. Aging is a natural process that every person goes through day after day. Not only the skin, but the body also ages.

However, we found one star ingredient that stands out in the beauty industry — Proteoglycan ! And our product — PROFIL contains a rich blend of high-purity Proteoglycan extracted using alkaline extraction technology. Using PROFIL regularly will bring significant effects to the skin and body including:

1. Moisturizing effect — Proteoglycan is 30% more moisturizing than hyaluronic acid and can also promote the production of hyaluronic acid and type 1 collagen.

2. Anti-inflammation — Proteoglycan has excellent anti-inflammatory function.

3. Anti-aging effect — Our cells will consider proteoglycan as a growth factor, thereby improving skin activity, slowing down wrinkles on the skin, transforming aging skin, restoring smooth and translucent skin.

4. Proteoglycan is considered a breakthrough solution in supporting operations and protecting joint cartilage.

Daily consumption can regulate the body from inside out, nourish the skin, and enhance the body’s health.