Attack Chance Campaign in 2023

Jul 03, 2023


Dear Valued Members,

We are pleased to announce the continuation of Attack Chance Campaign this second half of 2023.

CAMPAIGN PERIOD: From July 1st, 2023 to December 31st, 2023.

CONTENT: In the target months of the Attack Chance Campaign, add more boxes for each rank of the Balance Bonus.
With the increase of the upper limit of the Balance Bonus amounts, the total commission can increase significantly.

Please refer to the below table for details.
[Attack Chance Campaign’s Balance Bonus Table]

• Titles such as 2 Silver are not displayed for payment records and commission information.
• To receive the bonus, you need to purchase at least 12,000 PV (1 box) in the month.
• The normal Balance Bonus is applicable except for the campaign target months.

If you missed this at the beginning of the year, please grab this great opportunity this time!!!

Thank you and Best Regards,
NFR Customer Service