A.MATERAS FACE & BODY LOTION – Hydrate skin from the inside out

Jul 19, 2023


After cleansing your face and showering, your skin becomes dry due to the evaporation of moisture on the surface of the skin. Just using a moisturizer to replenish this lost moisture is not enough. Using lotion is the next basic step in your daily skin care routine after cleansing your face.

Lotion has a liquid texture and is lighter than cream, but contains a higher water content. Therefore, Lotion has the ability to penetrate the skin faster than cream and also moisturizes quickly.


With the use of a deep-penetrating formula – Nanotechnology, A.MATERAS FACE & BODY LOTION helps to replenish enough moisture for your entire body to the keratinous layer.

Also, A.MATERAS FACE & BODY LOTION contains 3 types of growth factor components that work at the bottom of the skin (KGFs, vEGFs and FGFs), it not only helps to form moist and plump skin from the inside, but also gives the skin a fresh and radiant glow.

In addition, the Citrulline contained in A.MATERAS FACE & BODY LOTION is one of the amino acids constituting the natural moisturizing factor, awakening the light, moist and crystal clear skin.

Applying A.MATERAS FACE & BODY LOTION immediately after cleansing the skin every day to deeply provide the skin with the moisture it needs.