A.MATERAS UV CREAM – Ultimate Skin Defense

Aug 18, 2023


Sunlight contains UV rays that are invisible to the human eyes, they can penetrate clouds, air, glass windows… Exposing to UV rays for a long time can even cause some skin problems such as sunburn, melasma, freckles… And using sunscreen is considered as one of the best ways to protect the skin from the impact of UV rays.

Formulated with the strong defense of SPF50+ and PA++++, our product “A.MATERAS UV CREAM” is able to provide powerful protection against UV rays, shield your skin from their harmful effects, and ensure optimal protection all day long. Besides, it can be used as a makeup base product as well.

Moreover, with the deep nourishing formula, not only does “A.MATERAS UV CREAM” act as a barrier, isolating your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays but it also replenishes moisture to the skin at the same time.

After preparing the skin with lotion or essence, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly on your entire face. Adding the ultimate sun protection and makeup base in one with “A.MATERAS UV CREAM” to your morning skincare routine to conquer each new day with a new level of confidence and unleash your skin’s radiant beauty!