Application Conditions of Money Track and MasterCard Prepaid Card

Jul 03, 2018

Dear our valued Members,

Currently, Payoneer and Prepaid card issuers have specific List of sanctioned countries for card application.

Regarding Payoneer, members from the following 11 countries cannot apply for Money Track debit card:
• Canada
• China
• Cuba
• India
• Iran
• Iraq
• South and North Korea
• Myanmar
• Sudan
• Syria

Regarding MasterCard Prepaid Card, its payment service is not provided to the countries sanctioned by the UN.

Therefore, among the 11 countries aforementioned:
– Members from Canada, China and South Korea, please apply for MasterCard Prepaid Card.
– Members from Cuba, Iran and Iraq cannot apply for MasterCard Prepaid Card.
– Members from Myanmar, India, Sudan and Syria can apply for MasterCard Prepaid Card but may have some difficulties being accepted depending on the financial background.

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