Sponsor bonus promotion campaign between November and December 2023

Nov 01, 2023


Dear Valued Members,

Thank you for continuously promoting Thanks AI’s products and supporting our activities.

We are pleased to announce the comeback of SPONSOR BONUS PROMOTION CAMPAIGN for the last two months of this year.

★ CAMPAIGN PERIOD: From November 1st to December 31st, 2023.
★ CONDITIONS: In the campaign period, NFR members must be active (buying 12,000PV’s worth of products or more) and sponsor new members within the same month.
⚠ Please note that members cannot get both Start-Up campaign’s 1.5x bonus and this campaign’s 1.5x bonus at the same time.
★ PRIVILEGE: Extra Bonuses
NFR members will get 1.5 times of sponsor bonus.

*For example:

If you missed the first three months of this campaign, we highly encourage you to grab this great opportunity this time and further expand your Thanks AI activities.

Thank you & Best Regards,
NFR Customer Service