JOEGENEX – The power of Phytochemicals

Nov 24, 2023



“Phytochemicals” can be basically divided into five major color systems. Plants of different colors can bring different effects. Each color system has miraculous powers and special healthcare functions.

The five major color systems and their different benefits are as follows:
● Green plants: Ability to make eyes brighter, prevent cancer, strengthen bones and teeth, etc.
● Yellow plants: Ability to improve skin elasticity, protect vision, enhance the body’s immunity, prevent cancer, etc.
● White plants: Ability to maintain normal blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, fight inflammation, stabilize blood sugar, prevent cancer, etc.
● Red plants: Ability to protect the heart, fight aging, prevent cancer, etc.
● Black plants: Ability to improve memory, protect the urinary system, prevent cancer, etc.

It is known that we can get various vitamins and antioxidant “Phytochemicals” from fruits and vegetables. If taken effectively, they can help prevent chronic diseases and cancer.
However, what worries us is that pesticide residues and nitrates in fruits and vegetables cannot be completely cleaned and removed. Eating too much is not beneficial, on the contrary, it is harmful to the body.

We are pleased to recommend our exceptional product – JoeGenEx Botanical Extract Mineral Element (Powder food), it is an excellent ideal combination of “Phytochemicals”. This product contains the top nutrients and has the recommendation seal of “Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease”.

Moreover, it is under very strict quality control to ensure the purest quality. So this is a great choice that everyone can use with complete peace of mind.