PROTEOIL – Enhance The Skin’s Defenses Against Environmental Damage!

Dec 22, 2023



When the seasons change, temperature, humidity and weather changes will cause water and oil imbalance in the skin and lead to different degrees of skin problems. Choosing the right nourishing skin care products can help to enhance the skin’s defenses against environmental damage. 

We especially present to you our ideal product – “PROTEOIL”, an ultra-moisturizing oil that will give you moist, smooth skin according to your skin’s condition and the season.

“PROTEOIL” is formulated with moisturizing ingredients derived from natural yeast and the highly moisturizing proteoglycan. Moreover, “PROTEOIL” is a combination of a special water layer formed by “Ultra-pure water” and an oil layer mixed with 5 types of plant oils blended evenly in a 1:3 ratio, giving you light and hydrated skin.

Depending on personal preference, you can either use “PROTEOIL” directly on your face or combine it with your daily skin care products. Drop a tiny quantity of oil on your palms, then use the warmth from your hands to apply it evenly to the skin and massage gently so that the oil absorbs more easily.

Elevate your skincare routine with “PROTEOIL” and experience the optimal hydration and the best nourishment for your skin. Let’s try it today and feel the difference!