New Year’s Greetings and New Campaigns & New Incentive Campaigns for 2024

Jan 01, 2024



Happy New Year!

This year as well, all of our staff will work together to pursue services that will satisfy our members and strive to provide the best proposals. We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage.

In 2024, in order to further support everyone’s “Thanks AI activities”, we will be rolling out campaigns that are easy to participate throughout the year, as well as product gift campaigns with no upper limit. In addition, we will be offering more domestic and international incentives to more members. In order to encourage you to participate in the event, we have introduced a point system to our “Incentive Campaigns”.

New Campaigns 2024

For Business member / Worldwide
■ Rank UP Campaign

The joy of achieving rank is for all members!

Regardless of your registration date, you can earn a “special bonus” every time you rank up to a new title in this special campaign.

*If a new title is achieved during the period covered by “Start-up Campaign 2023”, the “Start-up Campaign” will apply and the “Rank UP Campaign” will not apply.

*The special bonuses for the Rank UP Campaign cannot be calculated withholding tax for the current month, so they will be paid in conjunction with the commission for the month of achievement.

Please note that you must have purchased at least 12,000 PV in the following month and the bonus must have been generated. If the transfer cannot be made, the bonus will be held by the company until the next bonus is generated.

☆ Original special pin badge present! (One time only)☆
After the results for the month in which you achieve your 6th direct referral are confirmed, we will send you a special pin badge that you can only get from this campaign.

Click here for more information. <Details of the Rank Up Campaign>

■ Attack Chance Campaign

We will be running this campaign throughout the year! Take advantage of the opportunity for a significant balance bonus increase!

Click here for more information. <Details of the Attack Chance Campaign>

For all members / Worldwide
-June 2024 and December 2024-
■ No upper limit! 2+1 Campaign

For self-purchases in June 2024 and December 2024, not only do you earn a bonus, but you also receive “Profil half (1 pack)” and “Joyfil half (1 pack)” for every two boxes of products you purchase!

*The present is limited to “Profil half (1 pack)” and “Joyfil half (1 pack)”.

Click here for more information. <Details of the 2+1 Campaign>

[Introducing a points system] New incentive campaigns.
For Business members
■ Japan Incentive Campaign Period.

■ Domestic Incentive campaign period.

By earning the necessary points during the campaign period for each incentive (total points), you can participate in each Incentive event!

Due to geographic and other restrictions for NFR members located around the world, we are unable to arrange “Japan Incentive” and “Domestic Incentive” to suit your needs. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we would appreciate your kind understanding in this regard. Accordingly, points earned during the “Japan Incentive” and “Domestic Incentive” campaign periods will be paid in addition to the regular bonus. Specifically, you will earn 100 points (300,000 PV) for the “Japan Incentive” and 40 points (120,000 PV) for the “Domestic Incentive”.

If you live in neighboring countries where Thanks AI operates an Incentive Tour, you can also participate in that Incentive Tour without receiving any additional bonuses. Please contact NFR Customer Service for more details.

◎Points earned (in a single month)

During the campaign period, the points earned will depend on the rank achieved.
・Silver: 8 points
・Triple Silver: 16 points
・Six Silver: 24 points
・Gold: 40 points
・Triple Gold: 60 points
・Six Gold: 80 points
・Diamond: 120 points

In addition, if the new registrant you introduced registers 1 box, you will earn 2 points, and if the new registrant you introduce registers 2 boxes, you will earn 4 points.

Additionally, if a registrant you have introduced makes a purchase in bulk (3M6M12M), the sponsor will also earn the following bulk (3M6M12M) points.
・3M×1(1P) ・3M×2, 6M×1(2P) ・6M×2, 12M×1(4P) ・12M×2(8P)

・Purchase points (1P = 3,000PV) *You can purchase unachieved points for 1P = 3,000PV.

Click here for more information. <Incentive details>


Thank you & Best Regards,
NFR Customer Service