[Attention] Beware of Counterfeits

Jul 23, 2018

Dear our valued Members,

With the Internet boom in recent years, it’s getting easier and easier to buy and sell products among individuals. On the other hand, troubles in trading in such a way are on the rise.

Aware of this concern, in order to ensure product quality, Thanks AI does not accept any sales method other than direct purchase from Thanks AI company by registered members.

In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, please purchase Thanks AI products by our regulated purchase method.

Various risks are hidden in transactions on the Internet. Below are some reports sent to Thanks AI by users:

  1. Expiration date has passed

It has been reported that products that have already expired were sold to users.

Meanwhile, Thanks AI sets strict regulation that products close to the expiration date must not be sold out.

  1. Product deterioration due to improper storage conditions

There are reports that due to bad storage condition, products were deteriorated by the time of delivery.

Thanks AI products are stored appropriately in the warehouse of Liveon, which is our affiliated company.

Therefore, please be noted that we cannot guarantee adequate quality for any products delivered from any warehouse other than Liveon.

  • Heartful Essence Ai stored in bad condition

  • Hybrid Mineral Ai stored in bad condition

  1. Seller cannot be contacted after the purchase

Thanks AI has received some reports that after completing purchase procedure, users did not receive the products and could not contact with the sellers, which means they were deceived.

Whereas, with Thanks AI, it’s safe because members can check the delivery status on the website.

  1. Fake products








There are reports from overseas that some products are advertised as if they were made by Thanks AI. However, the products delivered to users are actually fake ones with bad quality.

In addition to such problems, some malicious distributors and/or phishing websites exist for the purpose of obtaining and exploiting personal information at the time customers purchase products.

Please be aware that cheap products are bought at the expense of many risks.

Please purchase products from official websites of Thanks AI.

                                                                      Thanks and Best Regards,

                                                                     Thanks AI