Harnessing the Power of Plant-Based Minerals for Health

Jun 20, 2024



With the decline in nutrient levels found in modern-day fruits and vegetables due to environmental pollution, it has become imperative to find alternative sources for obtaining the essential nutrients our bodies require. This is why dietary supplements have become more important than ever before!

Among the various types of dietary supplements, plant-based minerals are the most beneficial for the human body.

Plant-based minerals is a general term for minerals that plants absorb through their roots from traditional minerals in the soil, modified by photosynthesis into a state that is easy and safe for living things to use.

These consist of over 70 varieties of minerals that not only supply the body with the nutrients it needs but are also effective in expelling harmful minerals from the body.

We would like to recommend our lovely Thanks AI’s series of plant-based minerals products – “PERFECT MINERAL AI (POWDER) and HYBRID MINERAL AI”. These products feature Organic fulvic acid mineral extract (derived from humid shale) as the main ingredient. This formulation helps effectively maintain health and prevent lifestyle diseases.