Product return and Rank degradation

Aug 07, 2018

Dear our valued Member,

Thank you for continuously promoting Thanks AI’s products and supporting our activities.

So far, whenever there is any returned product which has influence on the total sales of an organization, members’ rank will be adjusted if necessary.

Therefore, sometimes even a box returned can degrade the rank of a member.

After careful consideration, we are pleased to announce some changes in the product return regulation as follows:

The rank of a month which has already been gained may be degraded due to returning product.

However, product return can be made without degrading the rank of the relevant members if the total return quantity (PV) lies within the following limit:

  • Silver: 24,000PV (2 boxes)
  • Triple Silver: 36,000 (3 boxes)
  • Six Silver: 60,000 (5 boxes)
  • Gold: 84,000 (7 boxes)
  • Triple Gold: 144,000 (12 boxes)
  • Six Gold: 240,000 (20 boxes)
  • Diamond: 360,000 (30 boxes)
  • Triple Diamond: 720,000 (60 boxes)
  • Six Diamond: 1,080,000 (90 boxes)

This regulation is applied for all members from the September bonus calculation which means product returns within three months before September (June, July, August) are also affected.

                                   Thanks and Best Regards

                                    Thanks AI