Apr 09, 2019


Dear Valued Members,
Just less than one month to go until the Opening of Thanks Ai Cambodia Office on May 02nd 2019.
In order to prepare for the Opening, please be well noted that:
1. Thanks Ai Cambodia will officially open on May 02nd, 2019.
Products purchased from May 02nd onwards are counted as Cambodian orders. Products purchased from May 01st backwards are counted as NFR orders.
For Cambodian members, please don’t register nor place any order on the first of May.

2. After the Opening, all NFR Users living in Cambodia will be changed into Cambodia-registered Business members.
Within 2 months (May and June), if these members purchase product and submit sufficient documents, their business member status will remain unchanged. Otherwise, they will be changed back into Users.

3. Cambodia members can receive commission payment via bank account or Money Track (Payoneer).
For members who register bank account as the commission reception method, please log in your Fastrack account and set the “Payment rate settings” (Bank account : Payoneer) in “MONEY TRACK debit card”. Otherwise, there may be error in your payment ratio and affect your commission reception.

Please kindly be noted!

Thanks & Best Regards,
Thanks Ai