About NFR Program

QWhat is NFR Program?


NFR stands for’ Not For Resale’ that means reselling the product is prohibited and it is only for personal use. You can buy and enjoy using products that your country does not sell from NFR program.

QWill I get commission from NFR orders?


Yes. All the products that are sold at officially opened countries and at NFR program countries are covered as commission.

QCan I buy products that have run out of stock at my country from NFR program?


No. You cannot buy NFR products at officially opened countries. So you cannot buy products that have run out of stock in your country.

QIs there any limitation for the amount of purchase?


Yes. Products that you buy from NFR is only for personal use. It is prohibited to resell nor handover. Rough standard for the limitation for the amount is that the amount that you can use within 2 months for one product for one purchase.

Charges(Shipping cost and Customs)

QWill there any charges besides shipping cost?


Customs and consumption tax might be charged when receiving the products and the custom rate and consumption tax rate are set by each countries. Please ask to the delivery staff or refer to your nearest Custom Bureau for the questions about tax.

QHow much is the shipping cost?


The shipping costs are different according to the weight and the countries that are shipped to. The rough standard is from $8 to $17.

QHow can I calculate the custom


Customs and consumption tax is set by each country. The custom rate is different for each country but the rough standard is from 0% to 30%. Please refer to your nearest Custom Bureau for the detail.

Order Method

QCan I order NFR products over phone or FAX?


You can order the NFR products after membership registration from membership page (Back office). Only Web order is accepted and you cannot order by phone and Fax for the NFR products.

Returning and Refund

QCan I return the products?


No. We don’t accept the return and refund for the NFR order. In case that the products cannot be received for some reasons and be returned to our Japan office, we can resend the products by charging $12 for the resending fee to your credit card. We only admit the resending request within the month that you ordered.
Please contact NFR customer service before returning the products at NFR@thaksai.jp For further information about the return and refund policy, please refer to the NFR Policy in the registration tub at the NFR website.

How to receive the commission

QHow the PV rate is calculated?


Current PV rate is 1PV=US$0.008 It will fluctuate according to the exchange rate. Please refer to the NFR Policy in the registration tub at the NFR website.

QWhat kind of credit cards are accepted?



QIs COD accepted?


NFR order will not accept COD.

QIs there any payment method besides credit card?


We accept the Thanks Ai Money Track debit card.

QCan I get the commission at my bank account?


Only Thanks Ai Money Track is the way to get commission for NFR order. Please apply for the Thanks Ai Money Track. Thanks Ai Money Track is the debit card that will enable to pay commission for 122 countries all over the world and you can withdraw by the local currency. You can also use at over 30 million Master Card affiliated shops.

NFR Products

QWhat kind of products can we buy at NFR program?


We sell 4 items below at NFR program.
・Hybrid Mineral Ai
・Perfect Mineral Ai Powder
・Heartful Essence Ai

Auto delivery system

QDoes NFR program offer the auto delivery system? I would like to get the product every month on the same day.


No. We are sorry to say but we don’t offer the auto delivery service currently. NFR is the program that aims to enjoy the products for personal use only under your responsibility.


QAbout how long does it take to get the products?


It depends on the county that ship to. About 2days to one week is the approximate days to take for the delivery. Please admit that delivery delay will be occur due to the political situation of the region, weather and strike. You can track the delivery situation from the website below.

QCan I request the delivery time?


We are sorry but we don’t accept the request for the time to deliver for the NFR program.