Introduction of “Partner Registration” Benefit

Feb 03, 2020



Dear Valued Members,
Thank you for continuously promoting Thanks AI’s products and supporting our activities.
We are pleased to announce that a new benefit called “Partner registration” will be offered to our valued members from this February 2020.

Please refer to the detail below:

Registration procedure
・People who have registered their own Thanks AI business membership can register a partner.
・Members need to submit an application form provided by Thanks AI and a copy of ID
(Please download the Partner Registration Form from or the Download function of Back Office).
・The spouse registering as a partner must also comply with the membership requirements and be approved by Thanks AI.

Partner’s benefits
After completing the registration procedure, partners will receive the following benefits:
・Support the business activities of the main contractor.
・Use Member Page (Back Office) for business activities of the main contractor (placing orders, checking organization, etc.).
・Contact Thanks AI’s customer services about inquiries of main contractor’s business information.
・Receive a commendation at the same time at Thanks AI Convention and Events.
・Purchase a pin badge which is of the same rank as the main contractor.

・Only spouses are eligible for partner registration; other family members are not eligible.
・Partner registration can only be accepted offline.
・Only main contractor can receive various offers, such as campaign awards and pin badge that are given when a rank is achieved.
・Credit card used for product order, delivery address and other necessary documents must be in the name of the main contractor.
・The role of main contractor and partner cannot be exchanged.
・If both spouses are members, the member that becomes partner will be withdrawn.
・Partner can re-register immediately upon divorce, but the previous position cannot be used.
・In case a member has multiple spouses, he/she can register multiple partners.

Thanks & Best Regards,