2020 Global Convention Cancellation

Feb 13, 2020



To all valued Members who plan to attend the 2020 Global Convention

Thank you so much for your ongoing support in Thanks AI activities.

It is very disappointing news that the Global Convention which is scheduled on March 4th & 5th in Japan has been cancelled. Instead, I have decided to hold an Award Event as a local event in the countries that have achievers of Triple Diamond or higher.

As you know, it is unlikely that the current situation when the Corona virus is spreading worldwide and causing server damages will end by March 4th. And if by any chance, an infected person participates in the event, how many more people will be infected after spending 2 days in the same room. Therefore, as the organizer of the event that attracts many people from around the world, I have decided to cancel it.

Even though as we use Thanks AI products every day, we are very confident in our immunity system, but the risk is not 0% since we might not show any symptom when being infected. After returning to your home country from the Convention, there might be a concern of transmitting the disease to disease-prone family members or the elderly.

I think it’s more likely that nothing will happen even if we continue to organize the Convention. However, in the unlikely event, if the Convention becomes a trigger to a life-threatening situation, it will be an irreparable loss. I have changed my mind and focus on the Award Event held in each country.

Regarding ticket refund, an alternative to incentive tour and each country award event, please wait for the announcement from each country.

I’m truly sorry that the Convention you have been looking forward to has to be cancelled, but as long as you have good health, we can start over as much as we want. Therefore, first of all, please use Thanks AI products and pay extreme attention so that you and your family will not be infected with Corona virus.

Thanks AI’s representative
Makoto Fujiwara