2020 Global Convention’s Compensation and Ticket Refund

Feb 13, 2020


Dear Valued Members,

Thank you so much for your continued support and contribution to Thanks AI activities.

It is such disappoiting news that we have to cancel the 2020 Global Convention.

Regarding ticket refund and the alternative to the incentive tour, please refer to the below procedure:

[1] For members who get free event ticket, 1 box of JoeGenEx will be given instead.

[2] For members who purchased the tickets yourselves, you can choose to receive ticket price refund or receive one box of JoeGenEx. In order to get refund, members must have a Payoneer card.

[3] For members who achieve support tour participation fee, 25% of the support fee equals to 1 box of favourite product (members who receive 100% support fee will receive 4 boxes of favourite product).

[4] For members who are eligible for the Incentive tour campaign and Startup campaign, we will give compensation for hotel and flight cancellation fees, so please submit a document that can confirm the cancellation fee.

To claim your compensation, please send your request which clearly specify your decision on the above [1] ~ [4] (if any) via email to nfr@thanksai.jp.

For further detail and support, please contact us via email nfr@thanksai.jp.

Thanks & Best Regards,