New Product Rollout – JoeGenEx

Apr 28, 2020



The new product – JoeGenEx awaited by all Thanks Ai’s Members for long has been launched to the NFR market.

About JoeGenEx
The product is the optimal combination of phytochemicals selected from more than 10,000 varieties of plants.

Dr. Joe E. Guarnera, a leader at the forefront of epigenetics research, integrated the 3 optimal combinations achieved over the last 40+ years of research to bring about a top-class dietary supplement, among which are 9 “natural botanical extracts”, 13 types of “JoeSyn” and 5 types of “JoeMaF” made with the proprietary ingredients of Thanks AI, leading you to a healthier and wealthier future.

15 bars/pack

USD200 (JPY22,222)/ box for initial purchase (12,000 PV)
USD125 (JPY13,888)/ box for repeat purchase (12,000 PV)
※One box contains two packs.

Please visit your Member page and place order now to enjoy our latest revolution – JoeGenEx!