The fourth video in Presidential Webinar Series

Sep 30, 2020



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The 4th webinar by Thanks AI’s president, Mr. Fujiwara has been released as promised.

This time, under the theme of “History of Thanks AI: How we started Thanks AI with minerals”, the Webinar will be started with an explanation of the basic ingredients of “plant based minerals” that triggered the birth of Thanks AI, “Why we choose a mineral?” and “Why plant-based?”. Mr. Fujiwara will deliver content that touches the core of “plant-based minerals” from the perspective that only he can.


━━━━━━━━◆<Outline of President Webinar>◆━━━━━━━━

β˜…The 4th theme: β€œHistory of Thanks AI: How we started Thanks AI with minerals”

β˜…Lecturer: Mr. Makoto Fujiwara, President and CEO of Thanks AI Co., Ltd.

β˜…Delivery period: From 13:00 JST September 30thΒ ,2020 to 13:00 JST October 7th ,2020.

β˜…Delivery destination: Please visit Thanks AI’s official YouTube channel here for the Β president’s webinar.

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For every Webinar video in the series:

*Please note that the video is available on the internet in one week only.

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