Package Changes of Some Products

Mar 12, 2018

Thank you for selecting our products and supporting our activities.

Currently, Profil, Perfect Mineral AI and Hybrid Mineral AI are sold in full package. We are planning to change the packing method of these products: divide one full package into two half-size packages.

Although the packing method is changed, the quantity of one box (containing two half-size packages) remains unchanged. Each box containing two half-size packages is still worth 12,000 PV.

Such change helps reduce the weight of products and improve products’ portability so that you can bring more types of Thanks AI products when going out.

As soon as the current stock of full-package products runs out, we will sequentially switch into boxes of two half-size packages.

The product package after the change is as follows:
– Profil:
Each half-size package contains 15 pieces.
– Hybrid Mineral AI:
The design is changed into green tone, 60 capsules per half-size package.
– Perfect Mineral AI:
Each half-size package contains 15 sticks.

The timing of change is planned as follows:
– Profil                           → around mid-March
– Hybrid Mineral AI           → after May
– Perfect Mineral AI          → after May