Notice regarding bonus rate and shipping method

Apr 08, 2022


To NFR (Individual Import) Members,

Thank you for always using Thanks AI products.

Please accept our sincere apologies for suddenly announcing the change in the bonus rate the other day.

Currently, there are two concerning issues relating to the operation of NFR.

One is that due to the sharp depreciation of the Japanese Yen, everyone’s product purchase price is low, but bonus payments are high.

The other is that the current shipping fees for NFR are those of EMS, but NFR is using FedEx and DHL, so the company bears the difference.

From this month’s commission, we were planning to change the bonus rate in consideration of the exchange rate, but before taking that measure, we are now consulting with the current and new card settlement companies to see if the purchase prices of NFR products can be fixed at US dollar prices.

If the above can be done, there is no need to change the bonus rate every month because the purchasing and receiving commissions are conducted by the same currency.

However, if the card settlement fee is high, we need to consider it in terms of both product price and commission rate, so we are proceeding with caution.

And with regard to NFR shipping costs, due to the spread of Covid-19, it began to take about two weeks for the products to arrive by EMS in many cases, so the company decided to use FedEx and DHL instead and has been covering the difference in the shipping fees in order that NFR members can receive the products soon.

All told, it is rather difficult for the company to continue bearing the huge differences in the shipping fees, so, we are now considering whether to return to EMS again at the time when EMS shipping fees increase in June or continue using FedEx and DHL and charge the shipping fees of FedEx and DHL to members.

As mentioned above, we are looking for a well-balanced measure which is good and fair for both members and the company while trying our best to reduce members’ burden as much as possible.

In the meanwhile, we would like to ask for members’ kind understanding and allow us some time to decide on the issue of changing commission rate and shipping fee.

Thank you & Best regards,
Thanks AI NFR Customer Service