Thanks AI Notice regarding bonus rate and shipping method

Apr 22, 2022


To NFR (Individual Import) Members,

Thank you for always using Thanks AI products.

This announcement is to inform you on bonus rate for the commission which is to be transferred around the 25th of May.

Currently, Japanese Yen is collected at the time of purchase, but the commission is paid in US dollars at the time of commission payment while there have been no signs of the end of the sharp depreciation of Japanese Yen over the past two months (about 15% depreciation of Japanese Yen) and, as we announced last month, it is rather unavoidable to change the bonus rate for NFR.

Therefore, the bonus rate for May payment will be 1 PV = 0.008 USD.

As a future measure, we are looking for a financial institution that will allow us to settle in US dollars at the time of purchase, and if it goes well, it will be in US dollars at both the time of purchase and at the time of bonus payment, which basically makes it unnecessary to frequently change the bonus rate.

At this stage, we cannot tell when we can start the US dollar card settlement, but we will try to make this change as soon as possible.

Also, due to frequent delivery delays because of the spread of Covid-19, we are now using FedEx and DHL while charging NFR members only EMS’s shipping fee, but it becomes more and more difficult for the company to continue bearing the difference in NFR shipping fee, so we may change NFR shipping fee when Japan post office revises EMS shipping fee in June and switch all NFR shipments from express services to EMS as before.

As the situation around the world changes rapidly, the company will continue to do its utmost to reduce the burden on members as much as possible, and we ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.

Thank you & Best regards,
Thanks AI NFR Customer Service

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