Thanks Pay – Another Powerful Business Tool

Jun 08, 2022


Dear Valued Members,

In order to promote the business of our valued members, we are pleased to announce that the new payment system for NFR members – Thanks Pay will be completed at 18:00 (Japanese time) on June 13, 2022.

Up until now, the monthly bonus has only been paid to the MONEY TRACK (debit card), but with this new program, NFR members can also choose to receive the bonus with Thanks Pay PV. With Thanks Pay, members can transfer PVs, receive PVs among NFR members, register membership, purchase Thanks AI products and more.

We believe Thanks Pay is a very useful program since we have received some feedbacks about NFR members having difficulty applying for MONEY TRACK debit card, especially from members in 11 countries where Payoneer’s service is not available. Our Thanks Pay program will help you to solve this problem.

Install Thanks AI App now and enjoy Thanks AI’s activities with faster, cleverer and more modern tool!!!

After the 13th of June, NFR members can set the mount of Thanks Pay they want to allocate from June’s commission, which will be calculated in July and can use Thanks Pay after receiving the set amount of Thanks Pay around the 25th of July.

If Thanks Pay amount is not set by the 5th of July, you cannot receive Thanks Pay in July for your business activities, so please do not forget to set Thanks Pay amount as soon as possible after the 13th of June.

Thanks AI’s development and all of our improvements so far would not have been possible without our members’ continued trust and support.
We are trying every day to make your experience working with us the best we can to reciprocate your contribution.

Thank you & Best regards,
NFR Customer Service