Thanks Pay is ready for you!

Jun 13, 2022


Dear Valued Members,

Finally, the BIG day has arrived!!

We would like to bring to your attention that as of today, NFR members can access to Thanks Pay PV setting functions on BackOffice and you can now allocate a certain amount of your monthly commission to your Thanks Pay account automatically.

If you make the setting by the 5th of July, you can use Thanks Pay after receiving the set amount of Thanks Pay around the 25th of July, so please make the setting by following the simple steps below as soon as you look through this announcement.

Kindly find detailed information on the operation and usage of Thanks Pay at the following link:

We have completed only the BackOffice parts necessary for Thanks Pay PV setting at the moment, but by the time you receive your very first Thanks Pay PV around the 25th of this month, everything will be up and running to meet your business needs.

We are trying every day to make your experience working with us the best we can to reciprocate your contribution. And to that end, any feedback from your side would be sincerely appreciated.

Thank you & Best regards,
NFR Customer Service

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