Phytochemicals for better eyes

Aug 18, 2022


It is found that the proportion of premature cataracts has been increasing, which means that patients with cataracts tend to be younger.
Due to the high use of 3C products by modern people, it causes dry eyes, eye fatigue, high intraocular pressure, premature aging of the eyes. The so-called “3C products” are a combination of Computers, Communications, and Consumer Electronics.

Nutritionist said: Antioxidant foods can slow down the damage of free radicals to the oxidation of crystals. Taking in abundant vitamins and Phytochemicals in plant ingredients is a measure to protect modern people who use 3C products for a long time.
You can maintain eye health by supplementing with the following nutrients: Phytochemicals, vitamin E.C, minerals, vitamin B1, B12, vitamin A, zinc, and so on.

With a passion and dedication to human health improvement, Dr. Joe has spent many years researching and finally released JoeGenEx to provide us with Phytochemicals. JoeGenEx provides the body with raw materials in the form of Phytochemicals, making your healthy life more achievable.