New Regulation on Solicitation – Cross Recruitment

Nov 27, 2018


Dear Valued Members,
Thank you for continuously promoting Thanks AI’s products and supporting our activities.
Currently, there is an increasing number of members sharing with Thanks Ai their concern about becoming victims of such violations as introduction, solicitation and interference by companies of the same industry as well as investment-related businesses and services.
Therefore, Thanks AI has revised some regulations and imposed severe punishment on violators.
Thanks AI strictly prohibits such violations as follows:
≪ Solicitation ≫
Negotiate and persuade the members who are currently in an organization of Thanks AI to join other organization.
≪ Cross recruitment ≫
Cross recruitment violators include (1) those having terminated, cancelled or stopped the membership contract with Thanks AI for a certain period of time but, for any reason, still take advantage of Thanks AI’s name to promote services, products, business activities and marketing programs of a third party, (2) those making acquaintance through mutual participation in Thanks Ai’s activities, (3) and/or any Thanks Ai members, who commit the following acts:
1. Solicit and introduce other members to other companies of the same industry, or encourage terminating Thanks Ai’ activities.
2. Introduce, solicit and mediate investment-related businesses.

In case of violating these prohibited acts or being judged by Thanks Ai to have violated these prohibited acts, bonus payment will be suspended and/ or bonus received during the violation period will be required for refund.

Please refer to NFR Guidebook current as of December 01st, 2018 (in Downloads of Fastrack) for further information.

                                      Thanks and Best Regards
                                        THANKS AI