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Temporary charge for changing information of Debit and Prepaid Card on Fastrack

Dear valued members,

For members using Debit card or Prepaid card, in order to confirm whether it is correct card information, a small amount (about 01 USD) will be deducted temporarily at the time of registering new card or changing card information. However, please do not worry because it will be refunded later.

Please be noted that no temporary fee is charged for changing information of Credit card.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Thanks AI


Launch of the new product – JOYFIL

Thanks for your continued cooperation in promoting Thanks AI products and supporting Thanks AI’s activities on a daily basis.

The new product – Joyfil, which was introduced at the latest convention, is launched into the market from June 1st, 2018 (Friday).

Date for starting order placement: 00:00 (Japan standard time), June 1st, 2018

About Joyfil
In order to take full advantage of non-denatured type II collagen, the main component of Joyfil, the world’s state-of-the-art production method is adopted to manufacture the product in film type without breaking the molecular structure, remaining the natural form of the component.

Moreover, only salmon nose cartilage from Hokkaido is used as raw material, combining with valuable natural ingredients extracted by our original technology.

Content: 15 sheets x 02 bags

USD200/ box for initial purchase (12,000 PV)
USD100/ box for repeat purchase (12,000 PV)

Sponsor Bonus Promotion Campaign From May To July

Thank you for selecting our products and supporting our activities.
We are pleased to announce that we will launch a Sponsor Bonus Promotion Campaign from May to July. Please make good use of this campaign.

From May 01st, 2018 to July 31st, 2018

In the campaign period, NFR members have to sponsor two new members or more within the same month; Each new member has to buy two boxes as initial purchase.

Privilege: Extra Bonuses
NFR members will get 1.5 times of sponsor bonus.

*For example:

Number of newly introduced members                  Normal sponsor bonus          Bonus in campaign

Sponsor 01 new member who buys 02 boxes              USD 80                     USD 80 (no extra bonus)

Sponsor 02 new members, each buys 02 boxes           USD 160                           USD 240

Sponsor 03 new members, each buys 02 boxes           USD 240                           USD 360

* Note:
NFR members who sponsor new members from other countries are also the campaign’s targets.

Please refer to 5_7月NFR優惠方案_Eng for more detail.