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New Regulation on Solicitation – Cross Recruitment


Dear Valued Members,
Thank you for continuously promoting Thanks AI’s products and supporting our activities.
Currently, there is an increasing number of members sharing with Thanks Ai their concern about becoming victims of such violations as introduction, solicitation and interference by companies of the same industry as well as investment-related businesses and services.
Therefore, Thanks AI has revised some regulations and imposed severe punishment on violators.
Thanks AI strictly prohibits such violations as follows:
≪ Solicitation ≫
Negotiate and persuade the members who are currently in an organization of Thanks AI to join other organization.
≪ Cross recruitment ≫
Cross recruitment violators include (1) those having terminated, cancelled or stopped the membership contract with Thanks AI for a certain period of time but, for any reason, still take advantage of Thanks AI’s name to promote services, products, business activities and marketing programs of a third party, (2) those making acquaintance through mutual participation in Thanks Ai’s activities, (3) and/or any Thanks Ai members, who commit the following acts:
1. Solicit and introduce other members to other companies of the same industry, or encourage terminating Thanks Ai’ activities.
2. Introduce, solicit and mediate investment-related businesses.

In case of violating these prohibited acts or being judged by Thanks Ai to have violated these prohibited acts, bonus payment will be suspended and/ or bonus received during the violation period will be required for refund.

Please refer to NFR Guidebook current as of December 01st, 2018 (in Downloads of Fastrack) for further information.

                                      Thanks and Best Regards
                                        THANKS AI

Incentive Tour Campaign


Dear Valued Members,

We are pleased to announce the Tribute Ceremony held in Osaka, Japan on March 2nd 2019. Along with this Ceremony, an Incentive Tour Campaign is launched to honor our valued members who have had magnificent achievement.

Please refer to the content below for more details.

Target: NFR members
Date & Time: March 2nd 2019 (Saturday)
Ceremony: 12:00~15:00
Party: 18:00~20:00
Venue: Stage 33, Universal Studios Japan, Osaka, Japan.
Content: Members are eligible for the coverage of an Incentive Tour to Osaka, Japan to join our Tribute Ceremony if meeting the eligibility conditions as follows:

Incentive Reception Conditions: Members can receive the campaign Incentive bonus if meeting the following conditions

  1. Attend the Tribute Ceremony held on March 2nd 2019.
  2. Submit the Incentive Tour Application Form within the period of January 15th 2019 – February 14th 2019, attached with proof of your travel reservation.
  3. Members have to register at the reception desk when joining the Tribute Ceremony. If members fail to register, Incentive bonus has to be refunded or deducted from members’ monthly bonus.
  4. In order to receive full amount of incentives, members have to invite the required corresponding number of accompanying persons to attend the Tribute Ceremony. Otherwise, the incentive amount will be deducted accordingly.

* Note:

  • If members fail to meet any of the Incentive Reception Conditions, they are not eligible for the incentive.
  • If application submission is failed for any reason, no incentive can be received.
  • If members meet the conditions of two incentives or more, they can get only one type of incentive which has the highest value.
  • Members eligible for the incentives will receive the convention ticket including entrance fee to USJ and the dinner party.
  • Flight tickets, traveling and accommodation are handled by members. Members are supposed to prepare passport and necessary VISA by themselves. For countries which is difficult to issue tourist VISA, please contact us.
  • The coverage of the Incentive Tour is paid in money. Half of the amount is paid before the Tribute Ceremony when all of the Incentive Reception Conditions are confirmed to be valid. The other half is paid after the Tribute Ceremony together with regular bonus.
  • The total amount of the award is regarded as the personal income of the award winner and must be declared in accordance with the tax law.
  • Invitations are offered and issued based on the eligibility conditions and the information specified in the Incentive Tour Application Form by members. The ones who get invited by members can be people other than Thanks AI members (spouse, children, etc.).
  • For the Incentive Tour Application Form and the Stage 33 location map, please refer to Download in Fastrack or the links:
  • Should you have any questions about this campaign, please contact us via

Joyfil Half Package Present Campaign in November and December



Dear our valued members,

Thank you for continuously promoting Thanks AI’s products and supporting our activities.
We are pleased to announce the “Joyfil Half Package Present Campaign” launched in November and December.
During the campaign period, for every 01 box of Joyfil (15 sheets x 2 bags) purchased, member will get 01 Joyfil half package (15 sheets x 1 bag) as present.

The number of Joyfil that can be received as present is limited to 02 halves per month.

Please make good use of this campaign.

From November 01st, 2018 (Thursday) to December 31st, 2018 (Monday)

Subject: NFR members

Campaign content:
In the campaign period, for every 01 box of Joyfil (15 sheets x 2 bags) purchased, member will get 01 Joyfil half package (15 sheets x 1 bag) as present.
The number of Joyfil that can be received as present is limited to 02 halves per month.

– Please be aware that present is given only to those who purchase Joyfil. Other Thanks AI products are not applicable to this campaign.
– During the campaign period, Joyfil half-package present will be automatically added to your order when purchasing one box of Joyfil. Therefore, there is no need to choose the present at the time of purchase.
– Present is not eligible for PV.
– Only the orders placed in November and December are the subject of this campaign.