Monthly Archives: January 2020

Holiday of NFR Customer Services in January


Dear Valued Members,

Thank you for continuously promoting Thanks AI’s products and supporting our activities.

Please be informed that NFR Customer Services will be on holiday from January 24, 2020 (Friday) to January 28, 2020 (Tuesday).

We will be back to work on January 29, 2020 (Wednesday).

For all issues or requests, please kindly contact us before or after such period.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Sales of “Global Convention 2020” tickets


Dear Valued Members,

The sales of Global Convention 2020 tickets has started.
Tickets are sold at USD50/ticket.

Purchase requests are received via until February 5th, 2020.

Because of many new high rank achievers in December, there is a possibility that event tickets will run out of soon. Please send us purchase request early to preserve your attendance.

Don’t miss the chance to attend one of the biggest Events of Thanks AI ever!

For further information, please contact us via

Thanks & Best Regards,

Payoneer Scheduled Maintenance


Dear Valued Members,

Please be advised that Payoneer will be conducting maintenance to its systems on Sunday January 12th 2020 commencing at 00:00 AM EST through Monday January 13th at 6:00 AM EST.

We expect a service interruption in the production environment of a couple of minutes.

Please be advised that the Sandbox environment will be unavailable for the entire maintenance window.

We are sorry for any inconvenience it may cause.

Start-up Campaign 2020


Dear our valued Members,

In order to acknowledge the contribution and promote the business of our valued Members, we are pleased to announce the Start-Up Campaign will be extended by the end of 2020.

CAMPAIGN PERIOD: from January 1st 2020 to December 31st 2020

– Business members who registered from January 1st 2020 to December 31st 2020 can achieve rank special bonus promotion if meeting the campaign conditions.

Campaign conditions: for members who register within the CAMPAIGN PERIOD
(January 1st 2020 – December 31st 2020)

Along with this Start-Up Campaign 2020, the Start-Up Campaign 2019 is still valid. If you register before January 1st, 2020, you can still earn benefits by meeting the conditions within the deadline.

Conditions: for members who register before January 01st, 2020


  • All conditions and benefits of Start-up Campaign 2019 remain valid after the launch of Start-up Campaign 2020. Members who register by December 31st 2019 are still eligible for 1.5 times of sponsor bonus until January 30th
  • The Start-up Campaign 2020 does not include the benefit of 1.5-time higher sponsor bonus. All rank-related special bonuses can be earned when reaching ranks by the deadlines specified in the Campaign due date quick reference chart.
  • In case a member fulfills campaign conditions in the registration month, he/she can receive campaign bonus. If member jumps over the ranks, he/she will receive combined campaign bonuses if meeting all the conditions required for each eligible rank.
  • There is a time limit for each campaign incentive achievement condition, and it is necessary to meet the conditions within such time limit. For example, if a member reaches Silver or higher rank by the deadline, he/she can receive corresponding special bonus. If member does not fulfill the conditions within the prescribed deadline, he/she cannot gain any special bonus.
  • Start-up campaign bonus is paid together with other types of bonus in the month after the month that campaign bonus accrues.
  • Start-up campaign bonus is only achievable for members who get a new rank for the first time. Members getting a rank for the second time onwards (got the rank in the past but lost it and then reach such rank for the second time) are not targets of the Start-up campaign.
  • For members who meet the Gold rank incentive condition, a travel incentive of USD1,800 will be awarded. An application has to be submitted in order to earn the bonus. Application procedure will be guided later. Members can make good use of this bonus amount to cover their own travel expense and accommodation. Please be noted that only those who attend the incentive tour is eligible for the travel bonus.
  • Travel bonus may differ depending on the year of the trip. Specific detail will be informed later.
  • Conditions for special pin badge: introducing 6 people or more, member can get 01 pin badge as present. Only 01 pin badge can be awarded to each member fulfilling the prescribed conditions, no matter how many people he/she introduces (even 12 people, 18 people, etc).
  • Members who reach the total referrals of 6 people or more within the campaign period of Start-up Campaign 2019 and Start-up Campaign 2020 (January 1st 2019 – December 31st 2020) can receive special pin badge. After he/she is confirmed to reach the total referrals of 6 people or more, he/she can automatically receive the special pin badge.
  • Members who reach the total referrals of 6 people or more before January 1st 2019 can receive special pin badge after submitting the Special pin badge application to NFR customer service via email: Please download the Special pin badge application from “Downloads” function on your Fastrack.
  • If there is a violation of laws and membership regulations, bonuses will not be awarded even if the conditions are met. In addition, if an illegal situation is found after special bonus has been awarded, it will be deducted from the next time of bonus accruing.
  • For the due date of each incentive achievement, please refer to the Campaign due date quick reference chart
  • For achieving Special Pin Badge, please fulfill the Special Pin Badge Request.
  • For Japanese version of Start-Up Campaign content, please refer to References.