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The third video in Presidential Webinar Series



Thanks AI would like to take this opportunity to introduce to our valued members third webinar of our president, Mr. Fujiwara.

If it has at least once occurred to you why everyone says that the bonus plan of Thanks AI is quite unique and able to bring affluence  not only to top leaders, but also to those who have just started, this webinar is surely your opportunity to find the answer.

For the first time, without physically attending a seminar, you can acquire a full explanation about the possibility of Thanks AI’s activities and fascinating insight of its bonus plan disclosed by no one else but our president.

<Outline of President Webinar>

The 3rd theme: “The possibility of Thanks AI’s business and the superiority of our bonus plan”

Lecturer: Mr. Makoto Fujiwara, President and CEO of Thanks AI Co., Ltd.

Starting date: Monday, August 31st ,2020.

Delivery destination: Please visit Thanks AI’s official YouTube channel here for the president’s webinar

Delivery period: From 13:00 JST August 31st ,2020 to 13:00 JST September 7th ,2020.

For every Webinar video in the series:

*Please note that the video is available on the internet in one week only.

*We have subtitles in Chinese and English, please check Thanks AI’s homepage of country or official Facebook page which has your preferred language.

Let’s watch the video and get the full benefit out of your membership with Thanks AI.

LGC Cerificates of Profil, Joyfil, Perfect Mineral AI


Dear valued members,

We are happy to inform you that we have got certificates from LGC for these three products of ours.


Certificate_IC_UK_THANKS AI_PROFIL_04270

Certificate_IS_UK_THANKS AI_PROFIL_04270


Certificate_IC_UK_THANKS AI_JOYFIL_04268

Certificate_IS_UK_THANKS AI_JOYFIL_04268

Perfect Mineral AI

Certificate_IC_UK_THANKS AI_Perfect Mineral AI_04269

Certificate_IS_UK_THANKS AI_Perfect Mineral AI_04269

※Perfect Mineral AI refers to Liquid only and Power is not included

※Perfect Mineral AI is a Japanese name for Liquid and this certificate can be used in all the countries even if local name of Liquid is different from “Perfect Mineral AI”

These certificates guarantee that these products do not contain sports doping substance.

You can check more about LGC through the URL below.

Thank you & Best regards,

NFR Customer Service

Attack Chance Campaign in August


Dear Valued Member,

We are pleased to announce the comeback of Attack Chance Campaign in August.

Campaign period: August 1st~August 31st, 2020.

Content: In the target months of Attack Chance Campaign, purchasing more boxes gives you a chance to expand the upper limit of balance bonus.

As a result, your total commission will significantly increase.

Please refer to the below table for the details.

<Attack Chance Campaign’s Balance Bonus Table>


* To receive the bonus, you need to purchase at least 12,000 PV (1 box) in the month.
* The normal Balance bonus prevails when the campaign’s over.

If you had missed this in April, please grab this great opportunity this time!!

Thank you and Best regards.
NFR Customer Services